Come on in! We are trying avocado!

We have attempted a few different grown up foods with Little Mark. We tried rice cereal…not a fan…we tried oatmeal…even more disdain…we tried grape juice, eh…and we tried green beans (DEFINITELY not a fan).


I was starting to get worried that the hospital had switched up my kid! I love oatmeal and green beans, how can he not love his veggies?! But tonight, we had a mini break through and a reassurance that there was a chance he was still indeed my son.

He is most definitely a fan of avocado.

I also took a new approach. Instead of attempting to spoon feed him first, I mashed up the avocado and put a dollop on his tray.


“What the…what do you expect me to do with THIS?!”


Once he got some in his mouth he was hooked!

momtogwithablog_0105 momtogwithablog_0104 momtogwithablog_0107 momtogwithablog_0106

And the results were in! He loves him some avocado.

momtogwithablog_0108 momtogwithablog_0109 momtogwithablog_0110 momtogwithablog_0111

Even going so far as to cry when it was all gone.


Stay tuned for more food reviews from Little Mark himself 😉

3 thoughts on “Come on in! We are trying avocado!

    • No te preocupes mi querida Auri, no te voy a apedrear, sólo te preguntaré dónde compraste tus almohadas. porque estpy como loco buscando. Y sobre mi gusto de la película, pues no es la gran cosa. Y mira que me encantan los musicales. Creo que es buena, pero hasta ahí. Nada para cagarse. Un saoÃRl.dauºl:Muchas gracias. por los saludos. Espero no perder contacto. Y que se quemen tus cosas del Jack. Por el bien de la ciudad. Un saludo.


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