Thanks Monday.

Oh look, it’s Monday…again.

Another overwhelming Monday. After working 11 hours yesterday at my part-time restaurant gig, I was so ready to just snuggle up with little man and sleep away the day. But Monday came knocking.

The day started out as any other day. Woke up late. Rushed to brush my teeth and throw on something that could reasonably pass for “business casual”, get Mark changed and ready, organize his bag for the day, load up the car, and let Ace, the dog, out. Right there is when things went astray. I opened the door to load the car and my furry little beast broke out. No big deal. He usually runs to the tree out front and then scampers back inside because its too cold, even with a furry coat.

But not today.

Today, he decided he wanted to play, and took off after another dog. So I drop my crap all in the snow and scurry after my 20-lbs of viciousness. Thankfully, I scooped him up in time and there was no incident, however, this was certainly not how I intended the day to start.

He looks so innocent too, right?


I grabbed up everything out of the snow and loaded up the baby and off to the sitters we went, 30 minutes late.

Now, here I sit at my full-time job pondering all of the things left to do today.

1. Grocery shopping.

2. Tax appointment.

3. Bills to pay.

4. Pick up baby.

5. Dinner.

6. Laundry…again…

7. Work.

8. Blog – OK, this one isn’t technically necessary, but it is for my sanity.

The list is never ending. So I leave you with this. The perfect summary of Mondays when you’re a Mom.

Happy Monday Mommies! What are you not looking forward today?


5 thoughts on “Thanks Monday.

  1. That was a pretty good way to start the week. Usually, I started with just a hangover. BTW…You didn’t drop the baby in the snow when you went after Ace… Right?


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