What’s in a Name: The Tale of Tinselman

OK – so I promised I would explain the story behind Tinselman, little Mark’s moniker. I know you all have been hanging on the edge of your seats for this, so I will get right to it šŸ˜‰


I started having contractions at about 2AM on September 8th. I brushed it off as nothing, but slowly things started progressing, and later that afternoon (3:29PM precisely) I gave birth to little Mark.

There was just one problem – we didn’t have a name…and for those who are unaware, apparently leaving the hospital with a nameless baby is a huge PITA. However, Mark 2 and I couldn’t agree on a name. I had previously wanted Liam Carter, or Alexander Carter, or Christopher Carter, but Mark 2 kept pushing for a 3rd. He wanted nothing more than to have his first born son carry on his namesake.

I was so nervous. We were naming a tiny human. His whole entire life could be affected by our choice. (Boy named Sue anyone? Johnny Cash fans? No?)

This was a monumental decision that I did not take lightly.


(A very tired Daddy with his nameless newborn)

The nurses kept coming, in what felt like 7 minute increments, to ask us if we had decided on a name yet. Time was quickly running out. I was frantically texting anyone and everyone who would respond for advice.

Then my mom texted. She was unfortunately not able to make it up in time for her first grandson’s arrival, however, she was in touch with anyone within a 15 mile radius of me via cell phone. She told me my sister had the perfect name.


D’aww, my baby sister.


Whilst I was in the hospital experiencing the most intense moment of my life thus far, my little sister was blissfully sleeping off her night shift. She had no idea I was even in labor, but she had a dream. She dreamt that I had the baby and that Mark and I couldn’t decide on a name, so we named him Tinselman Silver Dollar Evers. Yep. Tinselman. Silver Dollar. Evers. Needless to say we all had a few laughs.

Eventually, I caved and named him Mark Carter the 3rd. And it was the best decision I have made. I mean, seriously, look at these two?

momtogwithablog_0134 momtogwithablog_0135 momtogwithablog_0136

All four Evers’ dudes. Great-grandpa, Grandpa, Daddy, and baby. See where they get their looks from huh?


He exudes “Mark” in all its glory. They are the spitting image of each other and I couldn’t imagine him being a Liam or an Alex, even though I adore both of those names.

However, Mark 2 did say I could name the 2nd baby…and Tinselman has a nice ring to it…

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