You Are a Great Mom

You are a great mom.

No, really. You are.

 Being a mom is probably, scratch that, is most definitely a thankless job. And it’s not necessarily intentional. “Momming” has merely become a routine and is therefore overlooked.

 What do I mean you ask?


For example, since your little one(s) have been born, you (their mommy), have presumably been their sole feeder, changer, comforter, middle-of-the-night entertainer, confider, consoler, holder, hugger, lover, etc., am I right? That’s not to say that their father hasn’t been any or all of those things either, but let’s face it ladies, we are the front line.

In the past several months, and for some perhaps years, I can count on one hand the number of good decent okay-ish night’s sleep that I have gotten. In contrast, I have actually lost count of the number of uninterrupted night’s sleep my husband has gotten.

Have you ever heard that saying “I don’t want to sleep like a baby, I just want to sleep like my husband?”

Yeah. That’s me.

I don't want to sleep like a baby I want to sleep like my husband meme

My son is only 5.5 months old, but every night for those past 5.5 months, I automatically get up with him, I change him, I feed him, I do his laundry, I cuddle him, I get him ready, I drop him off at the sitter, I pick him up from the sitter, I provide for him, I love him. Every. Single. Day. for approximately 165 days straight.


At first the “Thank you’s” would come naturally. Everything was new. Oh honey, you cooked? Thanks! Thanks for doing laundry babe! I appreciate you waking up in the middle of the night, multiple times a night, for several months to console the baby so that I could remaining sleeping peacefully.

– Ok, so maybe I made up that last bit, but you catch my drift.

Let’s put this in another perspective: When was the last time you ran outside to thank, say, your mailman? Or the trashman? Or the landscapers? I mean, they too provide a daily service, right? But it’s expected – it’s routine. And perhaps once a year on Christmas or some other holiday, you slip them a $20 and say “Hey man, thanks.”

Well men and children have several days for moms! Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas (or other gift-giving holiday), birthday, I mean what more do we want?

 My point is, just because you don’t hear it nearly often enough, it’s not because you aren’t appreciated, or you aren’t loved, or that your family isn’t thankful every day to have you around taking care of them. It is simply a terrible oversight brought on by the mundane routine that is daily life.

 I am here to let each and every one of you know that you are a great mom. Thank you. Thank you for everything you do for your family. Thank you for putting their needs first. Thank you for always thinking of your family before yourself. Thank you for all of the daily sacrifices you make.

You are a great mom.

you are a great mom meme

Do you know a great mom that needs this reminder? Share this with her today. Let her know that she is wonderful and amazing and appreciated!

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