This Weekend and What I Learned

This is what my Sunday looked like.



Let me start by letting everyone know that THANKFULLY my little Tinselman was not in the car with me and I did not sustain any life-threatening injuries.

It started off like any other Sunday. I woke up. Folded some laundry. Drank some coffee. And headed off to work.

Unfortunately, the roads were terrible, it was sleeting, and everything was covered in ice.

Long story short, I hit a patch of black ice, lost control, and crashed into a guard rail. Probably the most terrifying experience of my life.

So after an hour and half of sitting on the phone with the insurance, getting the tow truck out, towing my car, and catching a cab ride home, I was pretty much exhausted both mentally and physically.

Then I did what anyone would do after such a nerve wracking event…I took selfies with my handsome little guy.




He looks shocked haha.

I then finished doing some laundry and I was upstairs putting it all away when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Here I was…banged up, covered in snot and drool and avocado and various other unidentifiable substances, but I was so happy. I was happy to be safe and alive. I was happy to be able to come home to my little bean and my husband.

Back when I used to say I was never having kids, my reasons were always because kids are icky. They are tiny humans covered in drool, boogers, puke, food, poo, pee, snot…gross…and everyone would ALWAYS say “Trust me, it’s different when its YOUR own child.” “Ew, no way man, drool is drool and it’s all gross.” I would retort.

But they were right…and as I stood there looking at my tired ass in the mirror covered in baby substances, I realized it. I don’t blink an eye when he sneezes in my face, or spits up on my shoulder, or flings drool covered avocado in my eye. Because I am his mommy and he’s mine.

All mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


16 thoughts on “This Weekend and What I Learned

      • descarge el 2.0.2 para ponerselo a mi iphone 3G y poder aser el jailbreak pero cuando intento ponerselo al iphone me dise error 20 y se queda en modo de rercceuapion. esos firwares no sirven!


      • Whenever I start to get into a routine in a new place I consider it a triumph- evidence of my ability to be able to settle anywhere. Now that’s nomadic! After reading your adventures I’m seriously considering moving to a spanish speaking country. The ultimate challenge!


  1. I also recently was in an accident . My daughter was save at home , and I didn’t have any injury. It really is a emotionally event . I just bought my car last month too so I was glad that I didn’t have to Mich damage to it. I literally went home and cuddled with my daughter Lilly. Life was fine once she got her little arms around me and gave me a giant hug.


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