About the Momtog



My name is Brittany, owner of Brittany Marie Photography, based in Northern Virginia. I had my photography business for over 2 years when I found out my husband Mark and I were expecting our first bundle of joy! Mark the 3rd was born on September 8, 2014, and our lives were changed forever.

I suddenly found myself shoving a camera in face from the day he was born (hey, what did you expect?)! And all of my mommy friends would always comment how great his photos were and how they were sad the only had their grainy cell phone photos to share. Alas – Momtog with a Blog was born!

Here I will be sharing with you all my daily (albeit boring) life with my little family. I will share with you my DIY photography tips and tricks, camera settings, basic photography camera settings, and whatnot and I will pepper in delicious recipes (see what I did there?), product reviews, children’s activities, and anything else I think would be beneficial for my fellow mom’s!

Feel free to contact me with any questions at bmephotography@yahoo.com

Happy Readings!

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