Activity – Rain Sticks / Sound Sticks

Yay! It is time for a new activity.

This is one we also did on our Snow Day 2015! You can see the others here and here.

Today, I will show you how to make your own rain stick (or sound stick)!

This activity was slightly more time consuming to make (about 20 minutes total), so I squeezed this one in while little Mark napped on the couch with big Mark 😉

First, all you need is an empty tube, short nails, tape, beads, rice, or dry beans, and colorful paper. I used a toilet paper tube and a paper towel tube, but you can use any cardboard tube, the thicker the better!


Poke the nails through the tubes. You need to use quite a few nails to get the desired sound effect. This was the most time consuming part. You can also use toothpicks, just cut them to size.


This is what it will look like once you have all the nails in. I did them in two spirals and then straight down the sides.


Next, tape one end off of the tube, so that you can add your noise makers.


I also taped over the nails to make sure none popped out!


Then, add in a handful of your noise makers. I used glass seed beads for the small tube and pearl beads for the big tube. I tested each one out by flipping it over onto my hand to make sure I added enough to get my desired sound effect.


Once your beads, rice, or beans are added, tape of the open end.

I then covered both tubes in some left over colorful craft paper I had. You can use any colorful paper!


Ta-da! Finished product. I would recommend putting a layer of clear tape or laminating paper over the craft paper, as these will, without a doubt, end up in your little ones mouths.momtogwithablog_0189

And now for little Mark’s review!

momtogwithablog_0190 momtogwithablog_0191

Straight into the mouth.


I then gave him the big one. I showed him how it makes noise a bunch of times.

momtogwithablog_0193 momtogwithablog_0194

But, it went straight into his mouth. So, I tried my demonstration again…


This did motivate him to inspect the rain stick more closely…


Alas, it ended up right back in his mouth.


He seemed to enjoy watching me play with it, and he definitely liked the bright colors! I will be laminating it for future use, so he doesn’t gnaw off the craft paper.

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sensory activity textures

Sensory Activity – Feel the Fabrics

Activity #2 of our Snow Day adventure was a touch and feel activity. I am fairly certain these are his favorite activities. He definitely love to feel things in his hands and he loves petting the dog and feeling his fur. I figured this activity would be fun, easy, and keep him entertained for a while (and it was!)

#1. Gather up several different fabrics. I happened to have a bunch that I use for photography props like a white hairy pillow, blue microfiber fabric, white silky fabric, blue tulle, and a soft fluffy blanket where the ones I went with. Feel free to use anything you have around your house. A clean bath mat, a clean welcome mat, a shower curtain, silky bed sheets, a soft blouse or shirt, a towel, felt, a velvet skirt, corduroy pants, seriously anything with different textures will work! *Bonus points for throwback photos featuring velvet skirts or corduroy pants 😉

sensory activity textures

#2. Next, place the different fabrics on babies lap one at a time and let them explore. Use as many descriptive words as you can and have lots of fun! (I love easy peasy activities). We did the hairy pillow first.

momtogwithablog_0163 momtogwithablog_0164

This. This is new.

sensory activity textures

Next, we tried the super soft microfiber fabric.

momtogwithablog_0167 sensory activity textures

He wasn’t really into this one as much, so we moved on to the silky white sheet.

momtogwithablog_0170 momtogwithablog_0171 sensory activity textures

As you can see, that one spent most of the time in his mouth. We then tried the fluffy white blanket.


This didn’t quite go over well in the mouth haha!

momtogwithablog_0174 sensory activity textures

Finally, we had the blue tulle. This was hands down his favorite and he spent most of the time playing with this fabric.

momtogwithablog_0178 momtogwithablog_0179 momtogwithablog_0180 sensory activity textures

Feel the Fabrics was a huge hit in our household! This easily kept him entertained for about 45 minutes. Serious. Whenever he started getting fussy, we changed to a different “feel” and it basically started the process all over again!

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diy discovery bottle

DIY Discovery Bottle Activity

As you know, we were snowed in yesterday, so we got in a bunch of activities to keep little man occupied. The first activity of the day was a Do-It-Yourself Discovery Bottle. It was quick and easy and I am 99.99% sure you have everything you need to make this already in your house! Little Mark’s review follows below 😉

#1. Find an empty water bottle. It can be any clear, plastic bottle with a cap. Rinse it out and shake out all the water if necessary.


#2. Using a funnel (I made one out of a scrap of paper), fill up your water bottle half way with rice. If you don’t have rice don’t worry! You can use dried beans, lentils, coffee beans, etc. Get creative!

diy discovery bottle

#3. Find small, colorful objects to put in your bottle. I had some red buttons left over from a Christmas craft, a box full of different beads, and ribbon, but you could really use anything. Different dried foods like beans and lentils, little foam letters, legos, barbie shoes, loose change. Really anything that they can look at and you can describe to them!

diy discovery bottle beads

#4. After you put your objects in screw the cap on super duper tight. If you want, I have seen people glue the caps on with super glue or a hot glue gun, just use extra caution and make sure the glue is completely dried before giving it to discovery bottle activity

#5. Finally, hand it over and let them discover!


What? What’s this?


Okay, now what lady?


I bet I can…yep…yep, I can definitely fit this in my mouth!


Nom, nom, nom!


Tinselman definitely enjoyed playing with his discovery bottle. He actually sat here next to me and played with it for a while after we were all done. I loved that it was so easy and I didn’t have to run out and get any supplies (which I couldn’t have done anyway thanks to the snow!)

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Our First Sink Bath

So after our episode with green beans, Little Mark was covered in food.

We decided that we would give him his first sink bath! He was able to sit up on his own (and one side of the sink was filled with dishes, so the seat wouldn’t fit ::cough cough::) It-so-fact-o, baby got his first sink bath. Here’s what we learned:

1. Make sure the outlets are covered.


Like seriously, who puts electrical outlets above the sink?

2. Make sure there are toys!

momtogwithablog_0141 momtogwithablog_0140

3. Unlike us, make sure everything is out of reach.


4. Let baby play.

momtogwithablog_0142 momtogwithablog_0143 momtogwithablog_0146

5. Have fun!


Come on in! We are trying avocado!

We have attempted a few different grown up foods with Little Mark. We tried rice cereal…not a fan…we tried oatmeal…even more disdain…we tried grape juice, eh…and we tried green beans (DEFINITELY not a fan).


I was starting to get worried that the hospital had switched up my kid! I love oatmeal and green beans, how can he not love his veggies?! But tonight, we had a mini break through and a reassurance that there was a chance he was still indeed my son.

He is most definitely a fan of avocado.

I also took a new approach. Instead of attempting to spoon feed him first, I mashed up the avocado and put a dollop on his tray.


“What the…what do you expect me to do with THIS?!”


Once he got some in his mouth he was hooked!

momtogwithablog_0105 momtogwithablog_0104 momtogwithablog_0107 momtogwithablog_0106

And the results were in! He loves him some avocado.

momtogwithablog_0108 momtogwithablog_0109 momtogwithablog_0110 momtogwithablog_0111

Even going so far as to cry when it was all gone.


Stay tuned for more food reviews from Little Mark himself 😉