Tinselman’s First Play Date

My little Tinselman is growing up so fast! We actually had his first real play date just a couple of weeks ago.

During the course of my pregnancy (and my crazy tendency to Google anything and everything) I stumbled upon an online pregnancy forum. Throughout those 9 months surrounded by hundreds of other women who were all due in September, I began to form real, valuable friendships. We eventually paired down from over 800 women to a solid core group of about 80.

Being that we were all from different parts of the world, it was pure coincidence that two other moms were actually local to us! So, we decided to get these three cuties together and the adorableness that ensued was almost too much to handle!

Here are some pics from the day!


They all wanted to touch each other! Finally, someone else that looks like them!



Little Mark was very curious haha!

momtogwithablog_0089 momtogwithablog_0090 momtogwithablog_0091

Have you ever tried wrangling 3 infants? AND take photos? AND handle the overwhelming cuteness overload??!?!

momtogwithablog_0092 momtogwithablog_0093 momtogwithablog_0094 momtogwithablog_0095 momtogwithablog_0096

Us moms had a blast too. I very much enjoyed getting to them and their little ones. I am patiently counting down to our next play date!

Happy Anniversary

Today marks our 4 year anniversary.

We have been together 7 years and married now for 4 of them.

In this time we have had our fair share of ups and downs.

We met we I was only 19 years old and within 6 months we moved 1000 miles away together.

Things were much different here in DC compared to the small-ish town in Florida I was from.


But some how, some way, we persevered through it all and got engaged! At the Washington Monument!


Then, we planned a wedding together. A small, destination wedding on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

momtogwithablog_0073 momtogwithablog_0074


Then, after 3 years of marriage, we brought a new life into this crazy world.

momtogwithablog_0076 momtogwithablog_0077 momtogwithablog_0078 momtogwithablog_0079 momtogwithablog_0080 momtogwithablog_0081 momtogwithablog_0082 momtogwithablog_0083


Through everything, despite our differences, we are still going strong today. Mark Evers II is the best father to our little Tinselman. Little Mark loves his Daddy so much. I couldn’t picture our lives any other way. Everything we’ve done, everything we’ve been through; the mistakes, the tears, the fights, the stress, all makes sense now.

Thank you baby, for everything. Happy anniversary Mark II. I love you.


And We’re Back!

Holy cannoli. These past few weeks have been a blur. Ever since I wrecked my car (see here), things have gotten cray.

I finally purchased my new car, new to me anyway, and have since moved!

Between that and working 2 jobs and taking care of Tinselman, its been a little hectic – to say the least.

But worry not my friends and family. I have been sure to keep my camera accessible and on little man. We have some catching up to do!

So for now, I will start with my baby’s first Easter photos…

momtogwithablog1 (1) momtogwithablog1 (3) momtogwithablog1 (2) momtogwithablog1 (4) momtogwithablog1 (5) momtogwithablog1 (6) momtogwithablog1 (7) momtogwithablog1 (8) momtogwithablog1 (9) momtogwithablog1 (10) momtogwithablog1 (11) momtogwithablog1 (12) momtogwithablog1 (13) momtogwithablog1 (14)

I can’t honestly believe that he is 7 months old already. It feels like just yesterday he was a teeny tiny newborn. I am so grateful for each day that goes by that I get to see him learn and grow and love. I love you bean!

Mmm…Sweet Potato!

Have you been craving a little helping of cuteness? Well, worry not! For I am here to satisfy that hunger!

Tinselman is not a fan of grown up foods yet. He is still mostly just playing with them and squishing everything into obliteration. However, he was a fan of avocados, so we decided to try sweet potatoes last week.

Let me tell you, he definitely enjoyed them. I used a fresh sweet potato and steamed it in the microwave for 5 or so minutes. Then I mashed it up with a little formula to get a nice consistency for him. Finally, we indulged 🙂

We haven’t done much this week unfortunately. My poor little bug is teething and by the time we get home he is a little cranky butt and then he goes to bed. But fear not! We will still be providing you with giant doses of baby awesomeness.


momtogwithablog_0215 momtogwithablog_0216 momtogwithablog_0217 momtogwithablog_0218 momtogwithablog_0225 momtogwithablog_0220 momtogwithablog_0219 momtogwithablog_0221 momtogwithablog_0222 momtogwithablog_0223 momtogwithablog_0224

Happy Half Birthday Little Mark


I can’t even believe as I am writing this that my little teeny tiny baby is already SIX months old. Seriously, it feels like just yesterday I was waking up big Mark at 6AM saying “I think this is it!”

I am so happy that I have documented as much as I have (I’ve only blogged a fraction of what I have on this kid). I get to look back at all my time stamped photos and I can literally see the leaps and bounds he has made in just these six short months.

I remember when I used to think he was never going to smile. He was such a serious little thing. He was not amused by anything. Now its a rare occasion when he is grinning ear to ear.


I remember when I thought, my god, he’s never going to roll over. And just this past week he actually rolled off the bed! (He was unharmed during this incident)


I remember thinking he would be walking before he would sit up, or that he would never reach for toys, or that he would never reach out for me.


And now, in hindsight, I realize just how fast he has accomplished all of these things. And I wish nothing more than for time to slow down. My little bean is growing up so fast. I start to think about how all of these firsts, first smile, first reach for mama, first roll, will soon be lasts. Last time he nurses, last time he looks for me when I drop him off, the last time I need to hold him up. Of course, this makes me incredibly sad to think about.

So instead, I am focusing on the now. Now he is six months old and we had a tiny celebration. Just Mommy, Daddy, Baby and a blue frosted cupcake.

momtogwithablog_0199 momtogwithablog_0200

He totally knew something was up!


Such an inquisitive little thing.

momtogwithablog_0202 momtogwithablog_0203

Are you SURE this is for me Dad?

momtogwithablog_0204 momtogwithablog_0205 momtogwithablog_0207 momtogwithablog_0208 momtogwithablog_0209 momtogwithablog_0211

In the end we had one messy, sticky, drool soaked baby. He definitely enjoyed that half a teaspoon of cupcake he managed to get in his mouth before he smashed it into obliteration.

Happy Birthday Little Mark. Mommy and Daddy love you very much! Please stop growing up so fast!