Product Review – bluum box – 6 months

Welcome to my first ‘official’ product review.

Today, I am reviewing the bluum box. Specifically, the products we got in the 6 month box. My mother in law signed Little Mark up when he was first born, and so far we love these boxes!


For those who aren’t familiar, bluum is a subscription based product, where you sign up, pick how long you want to receive the boxes for, and then you pay monthly for each box, similiar to Ipsy or Birchbox.

I get so excited to see the little orange box gracing my doorstep.

The great thing is they include 3-4 baby items, geared for your child’s age, and 1-2 products for the mom’s!


This month we received a chewbeads silicone teething bracelet, a copy of ‘What Can I See?’, by Annie Kubler, a bib from Baby Soy USA, a bottle of Shave with Benefits shaving foam, and an orange teething ball from Toysmith.

First up, my favorite item, the chewbeads silicone teething bracelet. This is not only cute, but functional. The bracelet is made with 100% silicone, no BPA, PVC, cadmium, or lead. It’s dishwasher safe *bonus!* Plus, its easily adjustable for different wrist sizes. This product gets an A+ for looks and practicality. Check them out here.

momtogwithablog_0117momtogwithablog_0119 momtogwithablog_0118

Next, my second favorite, a copy of ‘What Can I See’ written by Annie Kubler. It is a nice, simple 6-page child’s board book. This mean sturdy pages that can endure wear and tear from littles. It also has colorful pictures for them to look at. Plus, it’s a book, and you can never have too many books, so this one gets an A! Learn more about Annie Kubler here.

momtogwithablog_0124 momtogwithablog_0125

Third is a bib from a company called Baby Soy USA. Double-sided and made from 50% cotton and 50% azlon from soybean, the bib itself is nice and soft and eco-friendly. It’s not very thick, but it has a great texture, especially for those of us who don’t like the terrycloth texture of most bibs. Therefore, I give this a solid B+. Visit for more info.

momtogwithablog_0122 momtogwithablog_0123

Then, there was a little bottle of Shave with Benefits shaving foam. Its a shave foam that is scented with bergamot and grapefruit (it smells delicious). I am not a big user of shaving foam (or shaving cream, for that matter), but I must say I prefer the thick creaminess of shaving cream, compared to the foam, which feels like more of a hand wash then a shaving product. It says it reduces redness and bumps, but I have terrible skin (especially in the winter), so I don’t really hold that against them. This gets a B. Check them out here.

momtogwithablog_0120 momtogwithablog_0121

Finally, we also got a bright orange teether ball from Toysmith. I was turned off immediately by its striking resemblance to a dog toy. After I got past that part, I found it didn’t really function well. It has little knobs for grasping, but it doesn’t do anything to engage the baby. It says it is supposed to squeak, but it definitely does not. It also smelled pretty bad and the reviews said that it molds easily. This was the most disappointing product. I gave it a D. Find more¬†info¬†here.

momtogwithablog_0126 momtogwithablog_0127

Overall, I absolutely love, love, LOVE the bluum boxes. It’s like a mini Christmas once a month! Plus, anybody that remembers to throw mom a bone every once in a while gets a gold star from me. Big shout out to my mother in law Kim! Thank you.

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