Tinselman’s First Play Date

My little Tinselman is growing up so fast! We actually had his first real play date just a couple of weeks ago.

During the course of my pregnancy (and my crazy tendency to Google anything and everything) I stumbled upon an online pregnancy forum. Throughout those 9 months surrounded by hundreds of other women who were all due in September, I began to form real, valuable friendships. We eventually paired down from over 800 women to a solid core group of about 80.

Being that we were all from different parts of the world, it was pure coincidence that two other moms were actually local to us! So, we decided to get these three cuties together and the adorableness that ensued was almost too much to handle!

Here are some pics from the day!


They all wanted to touch each other! Finally, someone else that looks like them!



Little Mark was very curious haha!

momtogwithablog_0089 momtogwithablog_0090 momtogwithablog_0091

Have you ever tried wrangling 3 infants? AND take photos? AND handle the overwhelming cuteness overload??!?!

momtogwithablog_0092 momtogwithablog_0093 momtogwithablog_0094 momtogwithablog_0095 momtogwithablog_0096

Us moms had a blast too. I very much enjoyed getting to them and their little ones. I am patiently counting down to our next play date!