Activity – Rain Sticks / Sound Sticks

Yay! It is time for a new activity.

This is one we also did on our Snow Day 2015! You can see the others here and here.

Today, I will show you how to make your own rain stick (or sound stick)!

This activity was slightly more time consuming to make (about 20 minutes total), so I squeezed this one in while little Mark napped on the couch with big Mark ūüėČ

First, all you need is an empty tube, short nails, tape, beads, rice, or dry beans, and colorful paper. I used a toilet paper tube and a paper towel tube, but you can use any cardboard tube, the thicker the better!


Poke the nails through the tubes. You need to use quite a few nails to get the desired sound effect. This was the most time consuming part. You can also use toothpicks, just cut them to size.


This is what it will look like once you have all the nails in. I did them in two spirals and then straight down the sides.


Next, tape one end off of the tube, so that you can add your noise makers.


I also taped over the nails to make sure none popped out!


Then, add in a handful of your noise makers. I used glass seed beads for the small tube and pearl beads for the big tube. I tested each one out by flipping it over onto my hand to make sure I added enough to get my desired sound effect.


Once your beads, rice, or beans are added, tape of the open end.

I then covered both tubes in some left over colorful craft paper I had. You can use any colorful paper!


Ta-da! Finished product. I would recommend putting a layer of clear tape or laminating paper over the craft paper, as these will, without a doubt, end up in your little ones mouths.momtogwithablog_0189

And now for little Mark’s review!

momtogwithablog_0190 momtogwithablog_0191

Straight into the mouth.


I then gave him the big one. I showed him how it makes noise a bunch of times.

momtogwithablog_0193 momtogwithablog_0194

But, it went straight into his mouth. So, I tried my demonstration again…


This did motivate him to inspect the rain stick more closely…


Alas, it ended up right back in his mouth.


He seemed to enjoy watching me play with it, and he definitely liked the bright colors! I will be laminating it for future use, so he doesn’t gnaw off the craft paper.

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Being a Mom ain’t glamorous…

Who knew, right?


Today, this is what my house looked like. It was pouring down snow (is that the proper term? Pouring snow?) Either way, there was a lot. A solid 8 inches in Northern Virginia. And I was stuck indoors with my 5.5 month old son. Woo hoo!

snow in nova

crock pot chicken

I was in deep. 4 loads of laundry, cleaning the vacuum filters, 2 loads of dishes, making dinner, trying to keep my easily bored infant entertained. I was starting to lose it. My husband was at work and it all started to feel slightly overwhelming. I was never going to get anything done.

And then I turned around. And there in the laundry room doorway, amidst the messiness, was my little bean (aka Tinselman…I’ll explain later) happy as a clam. He had just learned how to jump in his doorway jumper.

And in that moment I realized, being a mom isn’t about being glamorous. It isn’t about being the fittest, or the crunchiest, or the most organized. It isn’t about the spring form pan that fell out of the cabinet or the griddle plug on the ground. It isn’t about the 2 loads of laundry left in the laundry room. It isn’t about putting away dinners ingredients or the spare breast pump parts you scrambled to get out Friday morning when you were running late for the sitter.

little mark looking up baby toes

It’s about being the best that you can be.

Seeing the little smiles from ear-to-ear make the mess all worth it.

Was my house cleaner before my kid? Sure. Was I this happy and full of love? Not a chance.

happy baby mark

Water Play and Paint Baggies

As Tinselman gets more and more curious, I find myself constantly searching for new ways to keep him entertained. We read, we jump in the doorway jumper, we play in the exersaucer, and of course there’s the dreaded tummy time fiasco…

Plus, with the freezing cold temperatures outside and a baby that can not quite sit on his own yet, it sometimes feels like there is nothing left to do.

Have no fear! Momtog with a Blog is here! Today we tried out 2 new sensory play activities. These activities are made to encourage curiosity and exploration. It is also a way to start dialogue between you and your child. I mean, after 5 months, this kid is definitely over listening to Mommy complain about her day!

So tonight we started with Water Play.


First, I folded up two towels and laid them on the floor next to each other and put a third towel on top, for good measures.

Then, I took a Pyrex dish and filled it up 2/3rds of the way with warm water.

Finally, I stuck little Mark in front of it in his Boppy and let him splash away.

At first he was confused. Then he was happy. Then he was frustrated.


momtogwithablog_0089 momtogwithablog_0090



So we switched up our activity.

Next, I put three dollops of different colored, water-based paints inside a Ziplock sandwich baggy. I then set the baggy filled with bright paint in front of him and let him squish it around.

momtogwithablog_0092 momtogwithablog_0093 momtogwithablog_0094 momtogwithablog_0095 momtogwithablog_0097

This was also a good time to introduce the “No, we don’t put that in our mouth” phrase, which he was not a fan of.


Overall, he had a blast. He definitely loved the new feels and the bright colors. We will definitely be doing this again.

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Welcome to the World Little Mark

Arguably, the most momentous day of my life.
On September 8th, 2014, I welcomed into this world my first born son, Mark Carter Evers, III!
Looking back, I can’t even begin to describe¬†the myriad of¬†emotions I experienced leading up to¬†that day.¬†¬†I’d¬†spent the previous 9 months before he came on a roller coaster of excitement, fear, wonder, anxiety, and impatience.
What would he look like?
What will he grow up to be?
Will he have my eyes?
Will he always know just how much I love him?
How many diapers will we go through?!
The questions and unknowns were endless.
Before I knew it, that magical day came and I was FINALLY able to meet the tiny human I had spent so long nurturing. Oh wow was I nervous!  All the way to hospital I was praying for an easy labor and a healthy baby.
After a few hours and a¬†seemingly uneventful labor and birth, the doctor told us that we were lucky he was here…that someone, somewhere was looking out for him.¬†¬†Little Mark¬†was born with a “true knot” in his umbilical cord that had been cutting off his oxygen supply.¬† If I hadn’t have gone into labor that day…I don’t even like to think about that.¬† I’m just thankful that¬†my little man persevered, and that we were able to bring¬†home our tiny miracle.
It’s indescribable, the amount of love one can possess for someone they have never met before.¬† A mother’s love.¬† I’d heard of it before, but now I know.¬† Nothing could ever be more precious to me than this sweet child of mine.¬† Guns and Roses reference completely intended ūüôā
Thank you for listening to my story!
I’d like to introduce you all to my son, Little Mark aka Bean aka Tinselman (the name given to him by me in my sisters dream the day of his arrival).
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